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About me

  • About me

    I wrote a book called Threatening Souls. I am in a band called Surreal Disorder. I wrote a song called It's Over Now, including the beat, which isn't finished yet. I won a private voice lesson scholership in the Honorable Mention catagory. I love horror and suspense. My favorite country is France besides the United States (I live in the U.S.). My second favorite country is Russia. My third favorite country is Great Britain. My favorite continent is Europe.
  • Music

    I have to admit: I have a thing for Kerli, Evanescence, Flyleaf, Muse, Paramore, Juan Jett, Pat Benatar, Journey, Lady Gaga, Veronicas, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Ke$ha, and a bunch more, though I absolutely HATE Justin Beiber (Kerli is a way better).


    A lotta stuff... Wipeout ALL THE WAY! And more.
  • Lifestyle

    Didn't I already tell you what my lifestyle is??? Other websites:


    I hate sports: I've tried soccer, tennis, and softball and quit every single time.
  • Arts

    Singing, acting, writing, playing the viola, basically the stuff that you'll find on my many youtube pages (they're all links on my main channel xXOnTheScene01Xx as well as my friends other channels that I know personally).


    Welllll, I know some basics in writing a book, considering I finished one in May of 2010. I apparently have a mature vibrato in singing.

Career Exploration

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